Could, Should, And Dare Do

If you’ve been waiting for a push, you’re about to get it, starting with what you’ve longed to do, but dared not try — not enough grit or courage, not enough time or money. Beginning now, though, you’re going to change every “no” to “yes.” It’s time to create the memorable.

Here are a few examples to fire your imagination and get you started. If none are a good fit, come up with your own along with a plan of action.

Fly around the world: Pick a city from which to leave, then fly around the world and return to the same city. For less money than you might think, you can take three weeks and make five or six stops along the way. People you know might have done a lot of traveling overseas, but rare are those who’ve gone completely around the world in one direction. You’ll forever be glad you did. Aside from the trip itself, there’s something truly magical and exciting in going around “all of it” and arriving back where you left.

Spend a week where you were born and raised: This especially applies if you aren’t living there now or haven’t been back in a long time. The week will go fast because you’ll be talking with a lot of people, roaming through buildings, visiting cemeteries where kin and friends are buried, taking pictures of the old and new, sitting in a park or similar spot, and freely rethinking what you learned that’s helped you ever since. If you already live there, take a “vacation” week and do it. You’ll never regret this pilgrimage.

Roam the sky in a balloon: Yes, it’s true. Balloonists are never exactly sure where they’re going to land. The wind is their engine, and hot air keeps them aloft. Yet, therein lies the magic, the thrill, a ride you’ll long remember. It’s quiet, relaxing, and because most balloons are launched in early morning, downright beautiful as you watch the sun rise and finally clear the horizon The only sounds will be those of the gas burner above and barking dogs below who don’t know what to make of that strange thing in the sky.

Take a ride on a mean roller coaster: Research which one because technology is making possible even more breathtaking roller coaster experiences. If you’ve never been on one, you’re in for a grand mix of anxiety, anticipation, surprise, and sheer delight. Forget what others tell you. Nothing comes even close to the real thing — that slow trip to the top, the pause, then gravity plunging you into a journey like none other, twists and swoops so thrilling you’ll be yelling for more while praying for less.

Write a book: This is more unusual and daring than you might think. Publishers estimate that of every thousand people who say they want to write and publish a book, only one or two ever do it. So what if it isn’t a best seller or doesn’t make you a rich celebrity. Instead, this is a matter of holding up not just any book, but your book for the world to see and read, a book filled with your words and your story as only you could tell it. You’ll forever be proud of the accomplishment, and many will be proud for you.

No matter what you’re thinking, all of the above are logical and doable. We humans wouldn’t be where we are today if at least some of us hadn’t acted on our dreams, plunging ourselves into the unusual and different and becoming all the better for it.

Join them. Enjoy your accomplishments throughout the rest of your life, then go to the grave with a smile, satisfied with the adventures you’ve had that so many others never tried.