The Bottom Line You’ve Never Thought About

No, your mind isn’t playing a trick on you. Everything you are a part of or feel responsible for really is shifting with ever-increasing speed.

What once were clear and cleanly cut rights and wrongs, wants and needs, have faded into endless variations of gray. Whatever you once leaned against for balance or support, now wobbles with uncertainty. Doubt has fractured foundations on which you once placed hope and trust.

What concerns you most, however, is how all of this is changing you, not the superficial you that everyone sees and with which you feel obligated to be comfortable, but … Read the rest “The Bottom Line You’ve Never Thought About”

How to Fall Off a Ladder

Logic has already programmed your inner self such that nobody purposely plans or chooses to fall off a ladder. Even a person thinking about doing themselves in isn’t that stupid. For them, it must be a clean job, like jumping off a cliff with nothing below but air.

Best you know from the get-go that gravity is the main force working against you. It works on everything, the reason Mother Earth is covered with so much stuff.

Gravity has two important points on anything airborne, where the object’s trip begins and where it ends. The heavier the object, the faster … Read the rest “How to Fall Off a Ladder”

A Threesome We Must Always Honor

Here are some everyday threesomes: Win, lose, or draw; faith, hope, and charity; snap, crackle, and pop; love, honor, and cherish. There are many more.

None, however, can top Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the threesome serving as a bright and lofty beacon for everyone.

Those unalienable rights first drafted in the Declaration of Independence serve as the anchor for all the words expressed in the United States Constitution. They speak of the deep thought and sound logic of those few great people who wrote that document with humble sincerity and fervent hope. In remarkable fashion, … Read the rest “A Threesome We Must Always Honor”

Two Happenings, Two Adventures

Throughout life, there are happenings, amusing to hilarious, sobering to serious. Although soon forgotten, they tend to return later in life, remembered and treated not in the context of long gone moments, but as parts of your enriched mortal existence.

Early in our long stint of boating we bought a sixteen-year old 36-foot trawler. It had a full bath aft and a half bath forward. One of the many needed repairs was the replacement of some plumbing in the aft bathroom. I didn’t have the expertise, so I hired a repair man who did.

While lying on his right side … Read the rest “Two Happenings, Two Adventures”

One Minute Sleep, Eat, and Meet Test

During many years of extensive travel I’ve had to match wits with a myriad of unfamiliar and unexpected situations. I’m about to share with you some of what I’ve learned, a thoroughly field-tested strategy that will likely prove to be much more useful than all those often fabricated and misleading reviews gushing forth from dozens of websites. And also consider this: What you discover is what it is at that moment, not days, weeks, or months ago.

Okay, here goes:

Within one minute, you’ll be able to anticipate the quality of food at a restaurant and how well you’ll be … Read the rest “One Minute Sleep, Eat, and Meet Test”

Join Me in This Tribute to ‘Friends’

As with all fledgeling TV programs, Friends entered the entertainment arena with no guarantee of success. Its hook, however, caught fast and went deep. For ten years it was a “must watch” for many millions of viewers.

The simple plot reflected the lives, laughs, and loves of six young working men and women living in New York City, heartwarming and funny, flavored with overtones of uncertainty and immaturity.

In exceptional fashion, the six actors stayed together the entire time, each playing their roles so faithfully that when the series ended, separating was hard to do. It had been a program … Read the rest “Join Me in This Tribute to ‘Friends’”

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

All of us young kids agreed. To look at Jim, even being close to him, was scary.

He was tall, ruggedly built, and stout as an axe handle. His long face with a protruding nose was covered by skin roughened by many years of work on his farm.

What really got to us, though, were his eyes. Under heavy brows, they were dark and piercing. Not only that, his voice was coarse and unfriendly.

Unfortunately, I had to see him on occasion because I was the only kid carrying newspapers in a “town” only four blocks wide and five blocks … Read the rest “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem”

A Strong Argument Favoring Falling Feathers

With a feather in one hand and a rock in the other, lean out a second-story window, drop both, and watch what happens. The rock accelerates to a speeding blur and hits the ground with a thud. The feather, however, goes into a slip-slide kind of glide and lands with silent gentleness.

Both responded to the law of gravity, both arrived at the destination. The startling difference, however, was the methodology.

There’s much truth in the phrase “light as a feather.” Feathers are, indeed, light, soft and sensuous to the touch. Laying your head on a pillow filled with them … Read the rest “A Strong Argument Favoring Falling Feathers”

At Last! Something About Nothing

I was fooling around in the yard the other day. It was hot, so I popped a cold one and sat on my front step, that part shaded by a big holly bush.
My neighbor saw me, walked across the street sort of slow like, and asked me what I was doing.
I told I wasn’t doing anything.
He reminded me I was sitting down, but I told him that in itself, that was nothing.
Then he looked around the yard and said it was obvious I’d been doing something.
I told him that might be true, but that he’d
Read the rest “At Last! Something About Nothing”

Random Acts

When my father-in-law passed on, family attention became focused on Grandma and how she was getting along living by herself. In the main, she was doing fine. In a reasonable time, she had been able to replace grief with quiet acceptance and sturdy endurance.

Our faith in her usual good judgement, however, was badly shaken when we learned she had paid almost seven-hundred dollars to a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. During some square-jawed questioning, we learned he was in his early thirties and, to quote her, “was well dressed and a very nice man.” She had also been impressed by … Read the rest “Random Acts”