Time Out For The First Anniversary

That’s right, I began writing this column one year ago. The number of readers is growing slowly but steadily, and I sincerely thank you for being one of them.

My commitment under The Country Boy Logic umbrella is to provide insights you can think through and use to help make your life more rewarding. Although of Christian faith, I swing wide of discussing religion and politics. I prefer to treat aspects of life and living that I’ve observed or experienced.

I take responsibility for how I write as well as what I write about. To me, it’s better to suggest than preach, to gently explain than assume, to conclude than demand. My wife, Joan, is my only helper; her encouragement is invaluable and her eagle eye catches details I sometimes miss.

Every story is true; I would never create one to merely prove a point. Except for public figures, I rarely use real names because to do so would serve no good purpose. Also, if I repeat part of a previous column, it’s because some stories and ideas can be applied to more than one situation.

I often refer to the past. Much of what happened long ago can be extremely important in understanding the present and interpreting different and often opposing thoughts and opinions. Through it all, I urge you to remember that although methods may change, basic principles don’t.

Everything in these columns comes straight from my heart to yours. Sadly, although people seem to be pulling the string tighter around themselves, I join you in looking forward to better times. If you wish to share your thoughts, I’ll consider it an honor to hear from you.

Aside from presenting this column, my website also acquaints you with Goodbye Akron, my first novel. I hope you get it, like what you read, tell others, and consider adding it to your gift list.

Finally, I’ll wrap this up with three items you might like to know about.

First, because most people now read internet offerings from their phones, I’ll be trending toward shorter columns.

Second, you might like to know that of the twenty-six columns I’ve written so far, Never Before And Never Again produced the most feedback followed by At Last! Something About Nothing and The Art of Piddling

Finally, if you’d like me to write a column on a particular topic, tell me your idea and if I’m able to follow through, I’ll give you a copy of Goodbye Akron. 

Thank you again for your interest. I’ll be back with you in a couple of weeks.