New Year’s Reminders About Our Total Existence

The beginning of a new year is perhaps the best time to logically review and reflect upon everything that makes not only a life, but a life worth living.

Earth: It has always been restlessly reconstructing itself, swamp becoming desert, ocean overcoming islands, volcanoes venting pressure, ice grinding the landscape before melting and disappearing. Although we have no control over such actions, we are obliged to keep our Earth home clean and orderly while wisely using the bounties it provides and respecting those we must protect.

War: None are won without terrible sacrifices, yet and from the beginning, they have … Read the rest “New Year’s Reminders About Our Total Existence”

Where The Water Leaves The Sand

It’s no wonder everyone loves beaches. They leave a logical and universal imprint on the human soul. As with instruments in an orchestra, each element there lends its own magical quality, then combines with the others to form a magnificent force.

Water is what makes the beach. It comes from somewhere that could be anywhere, a mile away or from the other side of the world. When placid and friendly, it soothes and reassures. When unsettled or angry, its show of power demands respect. Only at a beach is water truly at full stride, inviting you to explore and admire … Read the rest “Where The Water Leaves The Sand”

The Little Wooden Wagon

Early in the cold, windy, and gray darkness of a December morning, my dad quietly closed the back door of the small farmhouse. Then snugging the collar of the long overcoat tightly around his neck, he began walking west on the gravel road.

Along the way, he couldn’t help but think that in normal times, none of what he was doing would’ve been necessary. Everything had been going along so well, then with numbing reality, the country became tightly gripped by the Great Depression. Christmas was coming, yet he and millions of others across the U.S. were out of work.… Read the rest “The Little Wooden Wagon”

You And Your Vital Providers

All of us sincerely thank those in the Armed Forces who guard our nation, those in blue who protect us, and medical workers who help keep us alive.

Then there are those on whom we depend for a myriad of services such as restaurant wait staff, a clerk in an insurance office, delivery drivers, the plumber who stops a leak, the carpenter who hangs a door, the vet who treats your dog, the mechanic who services your car. Whether you see such people every day, once in a while, only when needed, or just once, each plays an important role … Read the rest “You And Your Vital Providers”

The Depth Of Your Life

You’ll likely agree length is how long you’ve lived and height is what you have accomplished. That was easy, but none of your quick thoughts seem to fit the matter of depth.

Consider these examples: You think of wax as enhancing the depth of color of a car. Sunsets become more beautiful as their color deepens close to the horizon. The greater the depth of perception, the more effective the scene. Each of these smacks of greater intensity, heightened awareness of what is seen, heard, or felt.

Your life is no different. To be loved is the grandest feeling of … Read the rest “The Depth Of Your Life”

A Game With No Winners

If it hasn’t already happened to you, it will. Consider this example:

You had never been to Niagara Falls, but two months ago, you were finally able to make it happen. It was a great trip. The weather was near perfect and the crowds of people were orderly. You were truly able to enjoy and appreciate what’s captured imaginations since the days of the early explorers. The majesty of all that falling water is magnificent.

Soon after getting back home, you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while. They ask what you’ve been up to lately, and … Read the rest “A Game With No Winners”

A Flashback For Moving Forward

All of us would agree. Life would be much easier if it were linear, an even and orderly blend of experiences gradually unfolding and giving us a feeling of confidence and control.

Instead, the unpredictable and unreasonable interrupt what we expect, sometimes destroying what we so carefully mapped out for the future we wanted.

That was the beginning of what I said to a fellow worker during a conversation I neither asked for nor expected. I soon tumbled to the fact he’d come to verify what I’d already sensed — an uneasiness, something deeply personal, a troubled state of mind.… Read the rest “A Flashback For Moving Forward”

Time Out For The First Anniversary

That’s right, I began writing this column one year ago. The number of readers is growing slowly but steadily, and I sincerely thank you for being one of them.

My commitment under The Country Boy Logic umbrella is to provide insights you can think through and use to help make your life more rewarding. Although of Christian faith, I swing wide of discussing religion and politics. I prefer to treat aspects of life and living that I’ve observed or experienced.

I take responsibility for how I write as well as what I write about. To me, it’s better to suggest … Read the rest “Time Out For The First Anniversary”

Why Versus What

The presenter had a broad smile as he began telling his story. In his late forties, he was already successful, had created a solid record of accomplishment for which anyone would’ve been proud. Despite all that, however, he had yet to satisfy a long-standing personal desire to own a book publishing company.

Then he saw the ad. Such a company was for sale. In a spurt of enthusiasm, he bought it for a million dollars plus change. He related how good, how genuinely happy he felt when he, the new owner and president, walked into his new office for the … Read the rest “Why Versus What”

Never Before and Never Again

It had been a long day of interviewing and photographing. Supper had been a sandwich in a café. Too restless to be surrounded by the four walls of my motel room, I drove out of town into the rolling patchwork of fields and woodlands of southwestern Arkansas.

Some would unkindly say it’s the kind of land that’s only there to hold the rest of the world together. My response to that would be that if it weren’t for such places, the world would fall apart.

I turned onto a gravel road. By then, I was conscious of the pause that … Read the rest “Never Before and Never Again”